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Thread: Need Mauer

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    Need Mauer

    Need Any and All Joe Mauer Cards

    I have 02 Topps, 02 Topps Gold, 02 Bowman but I need the rest of his RC's and 03-04 Cards. I will trade for doubles of those I have and will trade or buy any i don't have. I really need the Topps Chrome RC.


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    I can't find it on, do you know the BV?


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    I am not sure the exact value I can tell you when I get home but I remember it is no more then $4

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    ok, who do you collect? I'd rather trade.


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    LMK the BV and I will probably buy it, do you have paypal?


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    paypal is my favorite
    BV is no more then $4 and I want to say I remember it being $2.

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    how much are you wanting for it then, and what is the BV. Anyone else?


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    dh, I have a bowman chrome auto rc of joe mauer, I am looking for $90 paypal. lmk thank you

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