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Thread: Odds?

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    I just entered a bunch of NPS for the first and i was wondering how often do you actually get someting back? Just wondering. Thanks

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    I'm pretty sure they use the odds for whatever insert you would get from the set you send in to

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    I was also wondering if the new online entries on Upper Deck really allow unlimited entries as it would appear. I thought the mail in versions usually limited entries to 1 or 2...

    Does entering the same product NPN on Upper Deck automatically negate all your entries? Or does it increase your chances? I hope the latter b/c I sat and plugged away at UD Black Basketball for about five minutes one day...I must have entered 200 times...

    Related is this sweet card I found in my mailbox today...

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    I Enter All The Online And Got Back 2 Cards

    Vintageheros Sorry to Inform Your Only Allowed 1 Entry UD Online For Each Product.. So You Will Not Get Anything Read the Rules ..


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    Thanks Maple19, good to know...I'll look for the rules next time I visit...

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    do u get jersey cards and autos or just insert cards.

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    You Can Get Inserts,#,GU,AU Cards,RC


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    how do u know if uve been chosen to get one.

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    You Don't You Get it In The Mail .. Thats When You Know


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