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Thread: $80 Prior RC for trade..

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    $80 Prior RC for trade..

    I've got a 2001 Donruss Signature Series Mark Prior RC #d/800 BV $80 For trade. I'm looking for a superstar autograph of equal value in return for this. PLMK if you are interested and what you have to trade for it.


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    I've got a Tony Gwynn AUTO - and some other stuff... check my page and see if there's aanything you like.


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    Iggy: I would consider any superstar.

    tele: I'm looking for "newer" autos in return for this.

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    Yes..Baseball only...Unless it is a Mike Vick auto then I wouldn't mind trading it for football..

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    Well, I guess I'm SOL... I really only have football auto's. Thanks anyways

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    I don't have any auto's in that range, but I have a 1966 Topps #1 Willie Mays that books at $150 for trade. PLMK if you want it. Thanks


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    vintage...I don't collect vintage stuff but what is the condition of the card and do you have a scan?

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