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    Ud Glass and Topps 03-04 Box Breaks Revised

    Ok I busted open a few boxes probally shouldnt have because I got nuthin any good. Here are the best cards I listed them below all are for sell cash offers. I have a few doubles in base make your requests to I'll sell cheap if you buy alot. I included some prices all are neogotiable. No one seems to wanna buy anything or at least make offers. All prices have shipping in a bubble mailer included.

    03-04 Ud Glass

    Rashard Lewis Autofocus Redemption $20
    Darko Milcic Monumental Moments Auto Jersey Redemption $40
    Mike Bibby Game Gear (I am keeping this one)
    Yao Ming Superlative Swatches$6
    Zaur Pachulia Rookie Glass 0125/1100$6
    Baron Davis Glass Card $6
    Baron Davis Gold Base #96/100 $4

    03-04 Topps

    Complete Set including all rookies $40
    Leandrinho Barbosa Gold #44/99 $7
    Nene Black #277/500 $3

    Other Card I Had Laying Around

    Yao Ming 03-04 ud all star weekend warm-ups $5
    03-04 Honor Roll Travis Hansen Rookie #2230/2999 $5
    Lebron James 03-04 Basketball Diary UD mvp $7
    Jerry Stackhouse Crystal Fleer Tradition #77/175 $3
    Gordon Giricek 02-03 Inspirations Auto #1489/1600 $8

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    I need the Topps LeBron and Carmelo and the Barbosa #'d/99 lmk! check my www

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    i like thes two

    Yao Ming 03-04 ud all star weekend warm-ups $5
    Leandrinho Barbosa Gold #44/99 $7

    ill trade you this 02-03 ud inspirations dual jersey vlade divac/predrag savovic #'d 1079/1500 bv 12

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    Starbury805 I have the topps carmelo but I dont have the lebron its part of my complete set. So make me a cash offer for melo and barbosa. I didnt see anything on your site.

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    drago06 make me a cash offer for the ming since someone inquired about the barbosa Ill talk to them first then you if they dont want it. Im sorry I have way to many inspiration kings stuff expecially the card you offered.

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