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Thread: Topps stars Pujols Rookies

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    Topps stars Pujols Rookies

    Hey, I found two 2001 Topps Stars cards of Albert Pujols. Anyone want them? They book for about $20.00. Looking for Red Sox cards in return for about the same book value.

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    I have this to trade for one of your Pujols if you're interested:

    2003 UD Patch Collection "MVP's" #MVP-5 Ted Williams $20


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    Shadowking. I have a $25 Topps aces Pedro jsy & another $15 Pedro jsy comming in. PM me if interested. I would like to get at least one of those Pujols.

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    ABC: I'm sorry I didn't see anything on your site I wanted.

    Foreverman: I'm sorry, I already have that card.

    Pujolsfan: I'm sorry, I didn't see anything I wanted in exchange on your site.

    Mavfan: I sent you a PM. I would like one of the Pedros

    Coolector: How about these in exchange:
    1996 Upper Deck Diamond Destiny card# DD11 Clemens
    2002 Fleer Tradition Update Grass Roots card# U7 Nomar
    2003 Fleer Focus JE Team Colors card# 14 Nomar
    2003 Upper Deck Masters with the Leather card# L4 Nomar
    PM me and LMK if that works for you.

    Everyone else, I will resubmit this thread if anything falls through, but please don't make any more offers for now. Thank you all for your time.

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    shadowking: i could give you a 2002 fleer double header keystone cobinations insert of nomar/jeter 12.00 , 1992 score manny ramires rc, 2001 donruss fan club manny ramirez 4.00, 1992 skyboxAAA pedro martinez rc 5.00, 2002 fleer hot prospects co-star johnson/martinez 5.00 and i will throw in the fleer splendid splinters nomar wood card 10.00 all for a pujols rc. i am supposed to go to my cousin's house to pick it up. thanks

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    i have a

    97' skybox thunder nomar dial "1" bv 50 its a hard pull 1:300 packs

    ill trade you for one of them and maybe you can add somthing.
    or ill trade you for both of them and a 5 dollar card


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