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    Will trade auto's for these inserts

    Hello---I need to get this set completed. LMK if you can help---I have lots of duplicates in this set, and I also have inserts from other sets to trade. I will also trade some of my lower end auto's, ($10-20)--- Thanks, "Nail"

    ************** NEED LIST************

    2002 Fleer Genuine Baseball


    Name/Game #'s 1-3-7-8-9-10-12-16-18-22-28
    Genuine Leaders # 2- (have extra # 3-4)
    Touch/All #'s 4-9-10-17-18-20-25
    Bats Incredible #'s -4-6-8-11-14-17-18-23

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    I don't know the numbers, but I think I have Tip of the Cap Drew Henson and Bats Incredible Chipper Jones...although I'm away at college so I wouldn't be able to send them out right away. LMK if you need them and I'll put them on hold for you. Thanks


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    Have both of those already. I sure appreciate the reply though! :) "Nail"

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    hey nail i got touch'em all and tip of the cap pujols from each set lmk

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    j smeltz
    I have the Tip/Cap, but I do need the "Touch em All" card. It books $8---please check my page to see if I have something you need---"Nail"

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    i like the kendall or kearns auto's is there anything i could add for a trade? lmk

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    Hey Mark,
    I have the Touch Em All JD Drew. Send me your address again and you can just have it. Least I can do for you giving me that Eduardo. Thanks again.


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    j smeltz,
    I will deal this:
    1997 Donruss Signature Series JASON KENDALL Autograph--($10)
    For your Touch em All Pujols card--LMK
    I will pm---Thanks

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    Nail, I have these 2:
    Tip of the Cap 5 Drew
    Bat's Incredible 22 Drew

    Get me your address and I'll mail them out to you. thanks, Roger

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    I havethe following:

    Genuine Leaders
    #1 Sosa $4.00
    # 15 Ichiro $5.00

    Touch 'Em All
    #15 Helton $2.50
    # 24 Rolen $2.50

    I'm interested in your 2002 Topps, Andy Pafko, Super Teams Autographs--($15). LMK if we can make a deal.


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