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Thread: piazza gu and dodger rookies

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    piazza gu and dodger rookies

    i'm looking for piazza gu and dodger rookies or gu stuff

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    well this is going to be a challenge for me but my dad has about 5 jersey cards of him, they will be hard to get from him but I will try, if I do I will let you know!

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    I have these 3 g-u:
    01 SP Milestone Ed. Bat Gary Sheffield(Dodger uniform)
    03 TSC World Stage Jsy Ishii
    03 Bowman Future Fiber rc/bat Wilkin Ruan
    Make an offer if interested. Thanks

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    I have a 2003 Fleer Platinum Portraits Jersey and a 2002 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition Materialistics Away card (Not GU, But a jersey-material fabric canvas card)


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    paul no thanks dude sorry

    shandi i like the ishii and sheffield cards

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    I have a Diaz auto - - 02 SP Authentic Pros. Sig
    Also have a Green jersey - - 01 UD Pros & Prospects Specialty

    What cards do you have for trade??

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    sorry i dig i have those already thanks anyways

    shandi 12 who are you lookin for

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    Teixeira, Blalock, Weeks, Delmon Young mostly

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