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    Exclamation Manning/Palmer Dual Auto /50 For Trade

    I have this card that I could be looking to trade :

    2003 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Dual Ultimate Signatures Peyton Manning/Carson Palmer #DSMP #34/50.

    The card books at $200. I've included a pic for anyone who wants to see what the card looks like. The card is a beauty!

    Not really sure what I'd want to get for the card. I'd like to get an auto in the same price range. I'll trade down for a few cards, but it's got to end up in my favor.

    I'd LOVE to trade this for a real nice Prior auto, but I really haven't seen anyone on SCF that has a Prior in that range. Other players I like are :


    Jamal Lewis

    I'm not limited to just those guys, but they are some of my favorite. If you want to try to make a deal, let me know what you got!

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    nice card iggy at the card show i was a t not so long ago the guy got 130 for this nice card and did u pull it or?

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    I traded 2 of those Boldin's I had for it... remember when I was trying to trade them a little while ago?

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    yea that aitn a bad deal this is a nice card and palmer and manning are the future of the nfl so

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    The Manning/Palmer is still available if anyone's interested in making an offer for it.

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    You already know what I want from you... you said you only wanted baseball auto's though :(

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    yeah I want this card though lol. I only really want to give up that card and the rest football if there is a way though.

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    So you're saying that you'll trade the Prior + football for the Manning/Palmer?

    LMK if that's what you mean.

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