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Thread: attn: CUJOLUVA

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    attn: CUJOLUVA

    Is this your ebay auction??

    The NASH pacific complete rc

    if so I need these card and will trade in your favor if you end it now

    let me know

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I have the Nabokov #147 UD series 1 base that you need for your set (not much but a start)

    will also through in Cujo inserts and is their any one else you need or want cards of??

    let me know



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    just grabbed that Nabokov card. i do need tellqvist rc's and some rising stars RC's

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    hey cujoluva I have an OILERS mini maks signed by cujo with a COA from frozen pond AND I have a BAP autographed cujo card for trade, if you are interested let me know I am looking to get rid of this stuff so any autographs or gameused cards would do it let me know, PM or email me thanks!!!

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    Hey sureshot68:

    Do you have any 01/02 Stadium club cards - inserts autos #ed

    I have lots of auto and gu to trade

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    how much are you looking for in a trade?? once I find this out it will be easier to find a card for ya

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    bump, set to cujoluva take er for the spike, lol

    still waiting word for a possibe trade

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