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    Box Break

    I bought one of those $9.99 K-Mart boxes with 12 packs, I am only listing the rookies and inserts, didn't get any GU/Auto's tell me what playas you need! I was very happy with this box!


    Lebron James 03-04 UD "Lebrons Diary"

    Mark Madsen 00-01 Fleer Futures "Bright Future Odds" 1:7 packs

    Antonio Daniels 97-98 Collectors Choice RC

    Chauncy Billups 97-98 Collectors Choice RC

    Ryan Humphrey 02-03 Topps Xpectations RC

    Zarko Cabakapa 03-04 UD MVP RC

    Bobby Jackson 97-98 Topps RC


    Desmond mason 00-01 Fleer Glossy "Rookie Sensations" 1:6

    Shaq O'neil 02-03 Topps Xpectations "Xceeding Xpectations" BV:$8

    Jermaine O'Neil 00-01 Fleer Ultra "Gold Medallion"

    Shawn Marion 00-01 Fleer Ultra "2 Ball" 1:3 Packs

    Keith Van Horn 97-98 Topps "Destiny

    Michael Jordan 97-98 Topps

    Vince carter 03-04 UD "Air Academy"

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
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    tayshaun prince brendan haywood did you get some base of those plmk thnaks

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