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    i like most of your autos and patches. what are you looking for a trade?
    Haven't update my bucket for a long time. Just PM me what you need.
    Currently looking for DBooker / GreekFreak / Kyrie / IThomas / Westbrook / JWall / Stained Glass / Kaboom / Knights of the Round
    Main PC and needs: Michael Jordan 100bv up

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    I like your JR Smith and Kidd autos and the Lowry GU. LMK, thanks

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    plyer: like the Josh Smith auto and Stuckey auto

    oldspice: nothing thanks though

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    i need these. LMK thanks

    Tmac Reflections Fabrics
    Darko Court Authentics
    Melo Fabic Reflections
    Kidd Fabrics Reflections
    Kmart Sweet Swathces
    D Howard Fabric Reflections

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    Could use the Walt Frazier Trilogy Auto along with the Rudy Gay PP Jersey. Let me know please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gottalovepistons View Post
    Let me know what u need from the buckets
    hello how much do buckets usally run for? im new at this site sorry....

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    guetter: Nothing thanks
    juvie: nothing thanks
    My Cards Dealer: Are u asking how much it would be to buy someones whole bucket? Cause it would depend on how good the cards are, if you are asking how to get your own bucket, its free at

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