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Thread: Vick cards for trade

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    Vick cards for trade

    02 Fleer Platinum Portraits Jersey 2 colors 006/100

    03 Donruss Elite Mask of Steel GU

    03 Fleer Platinum Alma Materials Jersey

    03 Fleer Genuine Article Jersey

    03 Fleer Platinum Finish 024/100

    Looking for Steeler Auto's and other Vick cards.


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    i like the vick alma materials jsy. check my site and lmk what you like thanks

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    ooo ive been looking for VICK GU please check ym site for listing and pictures if u wanna trade, or wil u sell them

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    ugi- check my site i have 3 vick gu's. lmk if you need them. the bv's are next to the cards. pm me an offer if you want to buy one of them. thanks

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    hot sauce -------13) 2003 topps finest michael vick (white) jsy bv20...........i want that how much u want for it, or ill trade if interested intrade check my site, please LMK

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