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    Busted a lot of 03-04 basketball (got a lot of good stuff)

    So I busted a box of 03-04 Fleer Tradition and some packs of it too. I got one pack of Prstine and one pack of Bowamn Signature and three packs of Bowman R & S. Everything is for sale of what I got only. I wont list everything but I got a lot so just ask about rookies and such cause I cant post em all.

    Karl Malone Refractor #ed to 149
    Luke Walton RC
    Maceij Lampe RC

    Carlos Delfino Auto

    R & S:
    Mike Sweetney Regular
    Luke Walton Chrome
    Malick Bodaine Regular
    Maciej Lampe Regular
    Josh Howard Chrome

    Lamar Odom Crystal #ed 175
    Matt Harping Crystal #ed 175
    Troy Murphy Crystal #ed 175
    Carmelo RC
    Lebron RC
    Carmelo Throwback Threads (non gu)
    Pietrus Throwback Threads Game Used (I must have a damn magnet for his cards)
    Lebron, Melo, Milicic Trio RC
    T.J. Ford Draft Day #ed 375
    Jason Kapano Draft Day #ed 375
    Lebron Playground Rules

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    i forgot to mention i got a pau gasol pristine borders jersey also.

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    i like these lmk what other laker cards you pulled
    Karl Malone Refractor #ed to 149
    Luke Walton RC

    R & S:
    Luke Walton Chrome


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    Pristine Luke Walton RC
    R and S Luke Walton Chrome

    What do you need for those?

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    minew m- those cards im not sure on cause someone asked before you so ill let ya know if i dont get rid of them.

    bigtimecollector1-i will think about it.

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    im really only looking to sell to be honest with you.

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