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Thread: Sweet vikings fs/t

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    Sweet vikings fs/t

    I have a 2000 Playoff Momentum X's Daunte Culpepper #ed to 11 card and a 2002 Sweet Spot impressions culpepper auto #ed to 25...lmk what packers you have or what your buy price is....

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    I have a lot of packers, check my site I havce two favre jersey cards there, plus rookies

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    sorry i'm really looking for a favre in the same class as the culpepper...thanks anyway

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    Can you send a scan of the culpepper #'d to 11 to my PM's please I might be interested in buying it, plus i have a Victory 2001 favre nomal and a checklist and a 2003 score I think LMK

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    what are you offering...i didn't see any packers on your website except the barnett much in trade or buy?

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    nah, nall might not even be on the team this much are you willing to trade for them?

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    i have a couple other packers cards
    03 showcase avant farve #/125
    03 bowmen best nick barrnet rc
    03 Sweet Spot Carl Ford rc #/675
    03 Bowmen Nick Barrnett rc
    02 bowmen Javon walker rc
    nothing to big but check my site anyway

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    who else do you need, because i need the barnetts, favre #ed to 125, and the walker rookie...lmk

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