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Thread: WTTF all Greinke cards

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    WTTF all Greinke cards

    Hey there everyone... I need any Zack Greinke cards you have available!!! Especially the 03 heritage and black border Heritage. LMK what you have and we can work something out! I will do cards for cards, autos for autos , and GU for GU... Thanks and LMK!!


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    I have his 2003 Bowman Draft picks and Prospects #BDP134.
    PLMK, if you need this one or not.

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    lol that is one of the few I have! thanks for responding though!


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    JC - I could definitely use it... the only Yankee thing I have is a Giambi GU but it is of him in an As uni... check my site and LMK what you need! Thanks!


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