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    What do the Chicago Bears need the most???

    Hopefully I will get some interesting responses. I think the bears definetly need to address the DT position and pick up a mamoth tackle in the draft. Theres also alot of LT out there in free agency, they should go for a guy like Pace (if available) or a guy like Chad Clifton of the packers. I think if they can get these two positions taken care of, I see the Bears going 10-6 this coming year, and having a defense ranking in the top 5. But if Clarrett is still available for the bears on draft day, hes a must for the new Offensive Coordinator to use like a Priest Holmes as he did in KC.

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    offense. a really good vet qb so grossman can mature, and a top notch reciver. urlacher can take d himself, and ther are other studs in ther d as well, but they cannot win w/ their offense. stewart was the vet qb they wanted to take the job for a year, but he failed.

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    i would have to say QB,,,,BUT WHAT DO I KNOW THE PATS ARE CHAMPS AGAIN...LOL
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    give me a break, pac were ther too. they are becoming a dynasty that will fall like all otrhers, jus in a few years (pats) lol

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    Like hell the Bears will get Clifton. The Packers tagged him as their franchise player on Tuesday.

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