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Thread: $1 for 10cards

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    $1 for 10cards

    i have several base cards of 31 NFL teams (no carolina) that i would sell 10 cards for $1. plus, 1 out of 2 packs will include 5 rc/inserts and 5 base cards. i am also selling lots of 10 cards for $5 and you will be guarenteed and gu/auto from that team (if i have one lol) lmk tahnks

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    How many $5 Ravens lots do you have with a garunteed gu/auto?

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    What Vikings cards do you have coming in or don't you know?

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    Do you have any Steelers game used or autos for the $5 packs I may be interested in them.

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    if spenguin doesnt get it i want the steelers

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    bamafan- sorry man i dont got any dups of ravens gu/autos lol. i have dups of rc i think though. lmk

    wiens- i talked to you on the other site. and no i dont know wat im gettin in but ill let ya know.

    spenguin- same deal with wiens. im gettin a shipment of gu/auto in sometime soon and i will look for steelers. i just traded my last batch of steelers for some ravens gu.

    steelerrocks- same as spenguin

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    also i have some ravens on my site lmk if you want any for trade

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    steelerrock- hey i like these lmk thanks
    Fleer Authority Autographs Jamal Lewis

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