I'm listing quite a few on Ebay, but thought I'd see if there was any interest in any of these before I try listing them.
If interested....I've got more too...I'm looking for: Andre Johnson, Peyton Manning, David Carr, Marvin Harrison, Rudi Johnson and Brett Favre.

1998 Bowman Chrome Gold Anniv. Robert Brooks (Packers) 50/50
1999 SP Auth Sean Bennett Rookie 843/1999 (#125)
2000 Finest Gold Ref. Mark Brunell 215/300 (#74)
2003 SP Signature Bryant Johnson Auto (#BR)
2003 Finite Auto James Jackson 250/300 Browns (#FA-JJ)
2003 Finite Jersey Larry Johnson
2003 Finite Jersey Ahman Green
2003 Topps Fabric All Amer. GU Antwoine Sanders
2002 Atomic jersey Chris Chandler 04/25 (#14)
1995 Classic 5 sport Auto John Walsh
1997 Autographics Sedrick Shaw
1998 Autographics Pat Barnes
2000 Sage Auto Tim Rattay 759/999
2000 Sage Auto Raynoch Thompson 186/650
2001 Fleer Perf. Jersey Duce Staley 533/900
1995 SR Int. Draft Auto Ruben Brown 1689/2750
1995 SR Int. Draft Auto Derrick Brooks 1109/2750
2002 Donruss Private Signings Corlen Johnson
2002 SP Classic Jersey Keyshawn Johnson 277/350
2000 Sage Hit Die Cut Auto J.R. Redmond

I know this is a hodge-podge of cards - sorry. I'm new to trading but an old dog at selling. So I just thought I throw these up there and see if anyone was interested.