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    Showpickups for this

    i didnt pick up much volume-wise but i just thought i should liet everyone know whut i got today since one of them is my best card yet.....
    2003 Ultimate Collection Rickie Weeks Auto Rc 231/250 *hott as hell* Bv 200
    2003 fleer rookie and greats Delmon Young Looming Large Rare 10/15....
    ^^i would like estimates on how much it books^^^
    The uncommon /150 books 20 just to let ya know.....
    i picked up some smaller stuff but thats about it....i picked up a leaf and donruss champions young rookies if anyone is interested...tell me whut you think of my pickups.
    By the way, i paid 70 for the weeks, whut do all of you guys think of that buy? good price? too much? lmk
    thanks alot, -Ben
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    that was an awesome deal for the Weeks....they sell for alot more on eBay!!

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    are you selling any of those weeks and young cards?
    nice stuff by the way.

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    doesnt anyone have an estimate on what trade value i should ask for on the young? i really need some help here.

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    ben, how much did you pay for the young? btw, BV cant be less than 200. great pickups- beyond great pickups

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    thanks for the compliment....i gave up a carmelo fleer tradition for the young just to let ya know....i was think the trade value on the young should be about 100, but i would still like to hear any other estimates on the young.

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    well, im putting the young on ebay within the next week...whut do you guys think it'll seell for? people have told me $60-100?

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