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    Patch Cards

    -Roberto Alomar,03 Patchworks 3 color patch #ed 043/100 Books $30.00

    -Adam Dunn,03 Flair "Sweet Swatch Patch" 4-colors #ed 05/50 No Book Value (SP) Some Pack Damage

    -Mark Mulder,02 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade 3-color patch #ed 74/300 Looking for $35.00-$40.00


    -Ken Griffey Jr.,03 SPx Auto/Jersey Card #ed/390 Books $120.00(INCOMING)

    -Todd Helton,00 Pacific Sweet Spot Autograph Books $25.00 (NICE)

    -Lou Brock,04 Topps World Series Highlights Autograph Books $30.00 (SELLS VERY GOOD!!)

    -Vernon Wells,00 SP Authentic "Chirograph" Books $15.00

    -Rafeal Furlcal,01 Sweep Spot Autograph Books $40.00

    -Vladimir Guerrero,03 Sweet Spot "Black Ink" Autograph Books $40.00

    -Joe Carter,03 Timeless Treasures Auto/Jersey #ed to 100 Books $40.00

    -Jason Giambi,01 E-volve Auto/Bat/Jersey NO BOOKVALUE (WANT $150.00)

    -Hank Blalock,03 SPx Young Stars Auto/Jersey Card #ed Books $25.00

    -Roy Oswalt,03 Donruss Elite "Career Bests" Auto/Jersey Books $40.00

    -Scott Rolen,00 Upper Deck Auto/Jersey Books $60.00

    -Barry Bonds,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $150.00

    -Christian Guzman,02 Topps Ten Autographs Books $15.00

    -Cliff Floyd,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $15.00

    -Jim Edmonds,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $20.00

    -Luis Gonzalez,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $20.00

    -Roy Oswalt,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $20.00

    -Bret Boone,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $20.00

    -Jimmy Rollins,02 Topps Ten Autograph Books $15.00

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    i like the vlad, helton and blalock auto's check my trade post here

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    I really like the Bonds. I could also use the Vlad. LMK if you like anything from my site.

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    jsme-i need these
    03' bowman's best felix pie
    03' bowman heritage felix pie PLMK!!

    ac-i need nothing small eonugh for the vlad and the bonds nothing i need!

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    I do have a few rare Prior Autos...would you be interested in those?

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    i could do those 2 for the three i wanted from you lmk?
    Last edited by j smeltz; 02-08-2004 at 03:54 PM.

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    jsmeltz-no thanks the vladdy sells more then both of them by itself

    ac-yes i no but i really dont want to trade the bonds for anything you have and well unless you wanna trade a prior for the vlad... i could add

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    Hey, I like the Rollins auto, would you be interested in this??

    99 UD Retro Inkredible Sean Casey

    Please let me know, Thanks

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    I am interested in your Todd Helton,00 Pacific Sweet Spot Autograph Books $25.00. Would you take $17.00 delivered? I can pay via PayPal as soon as you let me know.


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