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Thread: 03 sp authentic box break

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    03 sp authentic box break

    wow this box sucked pretty bad. got it at a card show for $85 (the only thing good from this box was the price)

    base- 89/90 w/ 23 duplicates!!! come on
    if anyone has #80 jerry rice i need it

    short print regular
    Dennis Weathersby 421/2200 WHO??
    E.J. Henderson 458/2200 WHO??
    Tommy Jones 81/2200 WHO??

    short print regular gold
    Mike Alstott 22/25 decent

    star status
    Jeremy Shockey 502/1200 decent

    sp authentic rookies
    Marquel Blackwell 1097/1200 WHO??
    Ken Dorsey 687/1200 decent

    sp authentic threads
    Teyo Johnson

    sp authentic rookie autographs
    ReShard Lee 318/1200 (at least he's a cowboy)

    sp authentic rookie patch
    Brian St. Pierre 455/850 (black/white)

    so there's my crappy box, all are for trade/sale. lmk if you need anything

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    still really need the st.pierre really badly i have the brooks auto on my site/75 and a regular #ed/25

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    sp authentic rookie patch
    Brian St. Pierre 455/850 (black/white)

    i can use that check

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    steelers- i have a brooks auto incoming, i don't need those, but thanks

    rbi- i like these. lmk 03 Ladainian Tomlinson Ultimate Collection Autograph #US-LT $30
    03 Chad Johnson UD Patch Collection Patch Autograph #SP-CJ $30 P/C*

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