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Thread: Peppers

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    Thumbs up Peppers

    i have posted this once be4, but it neva worked out, im trying again does anyone have any peppers GU rookies i am willing to buy them or trade

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    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects RC Jersey #ed/1000 LMK

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    I have his SP Authentic, which is a GU rookie, i also have a 2003 GU I;m looking to trade.

    edit: are all those cards on your site for trade? I like a lot of them

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    industrial ------not all but most of em, i want eh SP authentic GU rookie. wats the BV for the peppers

    Steelers-------i like that, u asked me about some what were they again, and whats the BV for the peppers

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    Clinton Portis -2002- UD Rookie Futures #d to 150, (bad condition)

    Plaxico Burress -2003- SP game used edition,

    those two fir it straight up bv$30 i believe

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    ill do that but dont u realize the portis is in bad condition, that y i had bad condition on the side in parencteces

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    its really messed up thought im waring u cause i dont wanna send it and then u get all mad, r u sure

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