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    Getting cards graded...yes?

    Hi everyone!

    First post and I have a question for you all. I haven't collected cards in 7 years and on a whime I decided to buy some UD Honor Roll packs at a retailer last night. My best friends wife bought some Lord of the Rings cards looking for Aragorn's autograph (Viggo Morteson) /sp?/

    Anyways, I said what they hey, it's only a few bucks. I bought 4 packs and in the last pack I pulled a LeBron James autograph card....."Signature Series"

    It isn't in the Beckett yet, but what I was wondering is if I should get the darn thing graded? I plan on selling it and it's making me wonder if I had it professional graded I might receive a better bid(s) for it.

    Anybody have any suggestions as to WHO I should send it to? Is it worth sedning the card away to get it graded? What if it get's damaged or lost?

    Any advice or personal opinions are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading this post.


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    WOw thats a great pull! I myself wouldnt grade it. I would just sell it right away.

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    Great pull...congrats!!!

    I would spend the cash to roll the dice. Beckett has an expedited service for 10 day or quicker service. Grading the auto will cost you an extra $2.00

    The thing is, unless it's smeared or something it's pretty easy to get a 10 from Beckett on the auto. Then the card is another deal...they are tough. But, what have you got to lose? If it comes back worse than 8.5 just have it opened and sell it ungraded. If it comes back 9.0 - 9.5 you will definately get your $20 grading fee back and then some. That 10 on the auto really carries some weight.

    I just got a Bonds Classic Visions auto graded. The ungraded version books $50-$100. (Though getting any Bonds for $50 seems a stretch). Anyway the card came back an 8.5 but the auto was graded 10. I sold it last week on Ebasy for over $100.
    I think that's the only time I've sold over book on Ebay.

    One last positive. You are talking some serious cash for the card. If you sell on the net ungraded, you run the risk someone will argue condition after the sale. If it's graded, there is no argument. One the downside. If it takes a while to come back, more James' autos will come online every day. Prices starting out high tend to drift down, even for a star, so first to market may get you a bonus. Whatever you do, don't sit on it, unless you want to keep it. His little attitiude about his All-Star snub may be the first chink in his armor.

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    Hello, welcome to SCF!!

    List it RAW with a reserve price you'd be happy with, include several scans, and send priority $3.85 w .50 del Confirmation if it sells.
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    I wouldnt get it graded...If you plan on selling it just do it right away and include as much info about the card as you can in the listing. Several pictures, like meuandthelot said, will help alot...I see grading autos/gu pointless, I personally only like have older rookie cards graded, but thats just me. Either way...Good Luck! and Nice Pull!!


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    I would also get it graded. You really have nothing to lose with a huge star card like that. The best of luck on whatever you decide to do!

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    you should definately get it graded. if you don't like the grade it gets you can always crack it out of the case and go ahead and sell it anyways.

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