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Thread: Monarchs v. Sparks

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    Monarchs v. Sparks

    It's on ESPN2... does anyone care? Looks like they can't even fill up the courtside seats...

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    I love watching the Sparks play, except when there's something else to do


    And to think that the WNBA players were going to boycott to hold out for higher salaries


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    The Sparks have gotten out to a very HOT start. And given that the Comets, their top competitor has a couple of losses already, it's looking good for the 3-peat.

    Did ya know that 2-3 teams just got eliminated this past season?

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    The WNBA.... sigh.... so boring

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    It may be boring; but these gals, esp. the Sparks players, are fundamentally sound

    Not as athletic as the guys, but they make up for it with their basic knowledge of the game

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    yea that is true they are very talented and could dominate me in a basketball game but the wnba is still boring for me to watch.

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