Looking for certain players from these sets:

02 Playoff Contenders
03 Playoff Contenders
01 UD Legends
01 SP Authentic Sign of the Times
02 Donruss Classics
03 Donruss Classics
03 SP Authentic Sign of the Times
99 UD Legends
99 SP Authentic Players Ink
02 Donruss Private Signings
02 Playoff Honors Rookie Stallions
98 Bowman
99 Bowman
98 Skybox Autographics
99 Skybox Autographics
00 Fleer Autographics
02 Fleer Throwbacks Greats of the Game
00 Fleer Greats of the Game
97 UD Legends
99 UD Encore Authentics
99 UD Ionix Authentics
99 Playoff Contenders
01 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders
00 Playoff Contenders Rookie of the Year Contenders
01 Donruss Classics
01 Playoff Preferred Silver or Gold only
02 Playoff Honors Honorable Signatures
02 Playoff Prime Signatures
03 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds
03 Fleer Ink Appeal

That is a ton of sets, so someone has to have something I need, here is the link to my site, let me know if you have something I could use,