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    Rasheed Wallace Traded to Hawks

    Hawks get:
    Rasheed Wallace
    Wesley Person

    Blazers get:
    Shareef Abdur-Rahim
    Theo Ratliff
    Dan Dickau

    Not a bad trade for the blazers, got a lot more for Wallace than I thought they would. Will be interesting to see how miserable Rasheed will be in Atlanta.

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    I think he will be SUPER MISERABLE in Atlanta...What a joke of a franchise!

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    Great deal for the Blazers. They get 3 pretty decent players in return!

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    the blazers are attempting the most difficult thing in professional sports: rebuilding while winning. the blazers have gotten rid of many of their core players over the past couple of years: pippen, rider, steve smith, wallace was their soul. With Randolph emerging fast it left rasheed expendable.
    anyway, i sense strongly Damon Stoudamire will be gone by the trading deadline

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    Atlanta is purging its contracts.

    I doubt that they will re-sign Rasheed "..I make $18M a year, but the NBA is treating me like a slave..." Wallace

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    Originally posted by stalking_WOLF_21
    the portlin blazers will be a bad team in 1 or 2 yeras
    bad as in bad, or bad as in good??

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