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Thread: Need to sell please help

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    Need to sell please help

    hi i have several base/rc/inserts lying around and i want them gone. i will sell 10cards of your favorite team for $2. this includes 3base and 7 rc/inserts. lmk thanks shipping will be $1? lmk i really wanna get rid of them. i will also sell 50card lots of your favorite team for $5 with $2 shipping. lmk

  2. Kronozio
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    lewisduo5231: I think they banned lots like this bro but Im not sure.

    Could you do an Alabama lot?


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    no i think they banned lots on where you cant say something like "1 in 5 packs will be a gu" i can sell lots when i tell you wats in it right? also lmk i dont think i have anymore alabama players i traded them all to you. lmk

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    Have any former TN vols? or TN titans? lmk.



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    lmk players that came from tennesse state. i have lots of titans i can sell yes. lmk thanks

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    former vol players that I am interested in donte stallworth, Jamal lewis, Kelley washington, tee martin, Travis henry, peerless Price, jason witten or peyton Manning.
    If you have a lot of 50 Titan players for $5 I will take that, if not a 50 card lot of combo titans & former vols would be good. lmk what you have to offer from these. thanks.


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    ok i have 1 50 card lot of titans. im pretty sure i can make a 50card lot of vols also. lmk thanks

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    bamafan- hey i can do a 50card lot of ravens for $5? lmk thanks i can add like one mcaddley i just found it lol. lmk thanks also wat were you suppose to send me for the alabama lot?

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