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Thread: WTTF Uncertified Auto Cards

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    WTTF Uncertified Auto Cards

    Especially Twins and HOF'ers. Post a list of what you have.


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    have any other signed cards? like TTM ones, all you have listed are IP.


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    Those are ttm too, I need to put up some more, but do you like any of those ones?

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    I like the Joe Niekro and the 8x10's.


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    what are you looking for other autos? I don't have any from your wantlists, but I have some good players and hall of famers. I have Jason Giambi. I have Torii Hunter, need those 2?


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    I have an Eddie Guardado TTM autograph I can trade. Let me know what you've got available!

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    I'll give you a 03 BDP Billy Hogan RC Refractor BV 8


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    dh - are you from TPA also? check my site for TTM and IP also for Giambi...

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