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Thread: Finally friggin' got one!!!

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    Cool Finally friggin' got one!!!

    I guess I can call myself a real collector now.. Some of you know me.. One of my posts was how nobody trade's anything but game used stuff, well I finally got myself one, woohoo. Just arrived today was:

    2001 Fleer: Sunday's Choice - Isaac Bruce GUJ

    also got 94' Ultra Bruce Rookie along with it. Didn't really pay much for them, considering what they're worth.

    I also found an old box of Pro Set football in my garage, and found a Leroy Hoard RC Auto.. so my 1st auto and gu on the same day..pretty stoked right now

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    Many Congrats to ya. Its always nice to get a first like that no matter what it is


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    RockfnBttm: Congrats and Hope to see you have alot of luck with some pulls in the future!


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    i can still remember my first game-used card...edgar martinez bat card.....congrads on the first man!

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    Hey guys, thanks for the congrats.. I just won an auction on EBay for 5 more! What do you guys think?

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