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Thread: 3411 cc for $32.00

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    3411 cc for $32.00

    I have 3411 cc.Will sell via PayPal for $32.00

    Will transfer cc as soon as I have confirmed your desire to purchase and you have PayPaled me the money.(if you want to pay by credit card,please add $1.25 to the total to cover the fees and I will accept it).

    Post here if you want it and I will respond when I return from supper.


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    Anyone want it? It's now 3418 cc for the same asking price or will also accept items on my needs list in exchange for it.


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    I'll take it for $30 if you're interested. If so PM me with your PayPal ID.


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    CC has been sold to ALLSPORTZ so this thread can be closed now.



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