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Thread: Some decent pulls today

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    Some decent pulls today

    Pulled a Mike Lowell Auto Redemption out of '04 Topps and a Carlos Rivera Diamond Kings Bronze Portrait Auto #'d to 50. I'm thinking about sending in the Rivera card though because the auto has seemed to leak into the card :\ Anyone have Donruss's address on hand and do you think they'd send me a new card?

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    They probably would send you some if they had them on hand. I'd call them first. Nice break!

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    neverrrrrmind the auto didn't leak into the cardboard, it's actually part of the design, half the auto is cut off though :( I hate how they sign the foil before they put it into the card. The card is thick as hell too! Like 120pt

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    Wow, that's a wierd card... Only 04 topps autos ive pulled are the reguler base one's and there not thick at all and imo a pretty nice design...
    Kyle (darkshadowdog123)

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