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    Pack Breaks (Some Very Nice Stuff)

    I bought some packs today and my mojo continued with Bowman Rookies and Stars (it aint no melo x-fractor but i cant complain). I also got some packs of topps, fleer mystique, fleer avant and fleer genuine. Here is the goods everything is for trade.

    Bowman R&S:
    Troy Bell Chrome
    Mike Sweetney Chrome
    Jerome Beasely Gold
    Slavko Vranes Regular
    Ndubi Ebi Regular
    Mario Austin Regular
    Zoran Planinic Regular
    Vince Carter Gold Refractor #ed 20/50 (BV $60 Mojo)

    Luke Ridnour Rookie
    Marcus Banks Rookie
    Chris Kaman Rookie
    Chris Webber Piece of Dream Relics
    Steve Francis Love it Live Insert

    Mystique and Genuine:
    Nothing good

    Fleer Avant:
    Troy Bell rookie #ed to 699

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    how did u like the base card design of the avants?
    i bought 2 packs today and was pleased with how niced they look....overall i think they are nice cards....whut did u think?

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    i liked them but the packs i got the cards were in not the best condition. i do like the design though very nice cards.

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    yea the avant are really nice and did you get any brenadn ahywood tayshaun prince plmk thnaks


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