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    i went to a card show today and this is wat i got for $10

    ud sweet swatches bd-s baron davis gu shorts
    topps heritage articles of the arena #10 scottie pippen floor

    can sum1 tell me the bv on them and if it was a good buy

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    2002-03 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches BD-S Baron Davis $6.00 $15.00
    2001-02 Topps Heritage Articles of the Arena Relics 10 Scottie Pippen $8.00 $20.00

    The states odds on the Pipp are 1:46 packs that that type of card is inserted, so it was a good pickup. The Baron GU Shots I think will lose BV as GU gets overproduced, overall a decent buy if your a GU collector though

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    cardbuyer66 is right those Topps Heritage Articles of the Arena Relics are TOUGH pulls from some medium dollar high quality packs. That Pippen is a nice buy here is a link to as close as I could find on Ebay right now (the pippen would go for just a bit more) Baron Davis GU are already overproduced and sell buy the ton for cheap on Ebay. Multi colors are easy to find of him and you should look for these.

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