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Thread: Looking for AROD SP rcs

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    Looking for AROD SP rcs

    I am looking to pick up a few AROD SP RCS . please let me know what you have and what you are looking for. Thanks

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    I have fifteen of them. I would trade some of them for some higher dollar rookie cards like the Score Highest Call-Up.

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    Cbrandt, I have one of the Highest call up rcs, but I dont think I could trade it for a few sp's. Plus since you have three call ups yourself, I dont think you need another. How about a few nice Wes Bankston bowman chrome rcs? or BJ Upton? LMK Thanks

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    I wouldn't mind taking a shot at picking up an Arod SP or 2 if crazylox doesn't take them all :)

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    I tried checking out your site but it was under construction. I collect Alex Rodriguez, RCs of hitters, and unopened material (sets or boxes). Thanks

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    Yeah... been busy with school and haven't had a chance to make my site yet. Hopefully real soon I'll have it up. I'm sure I'm SOL on the arod's though as I dont really seem to have anything you want.

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    cbrandtw- I have a 99 Finest Gold Refractor of ARod (#/100). Please let me know if you have interest in this card.
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    Yes I am interested in the Gold Ref. Let me know who or what you are looking for

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