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    Weekend Pickups: Lebron, Barbosa+

    this weekends load, split between both sports, but still some nice stuff (check other forum for baseball)
    only looking for autos on the 'Bron


    2000 Presspass Authenics Scoonie Penn -$4

    Game used

    01-02 Inspirations Hunter RC Jsy/Hill #ed/1600 -$12
    03-04 Mystique Rare Finds Finley Jsy/Nash/Dirk #ed/300 -New


    03-04 Mystique Ave Pains LeBron James/Dajuan Wagner #ed/500 -New
    03-04 Victory NBA All-Stars Parallel Jason Kidd #ed/100 -$10
    03-04 Upperdeck Exclusives Chucky Atkins #ed/100 -$3


    03-04 Honor Roll Leonardo Barbosa RC #ed/2999 -New
    02-03 Inspirations Willie Green XRC /3999 -$6


    03-04 Glass Glass-Card Latrell Sprewell -$8

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    03-04 Mystique Rare Finds Finley Jsy/Nash/Dirk #ed/300 -New

    I can possibly use that, depending on what you want....

    Whyd it have to be Finley and not Dirk!!!!!!

    I picked up the tirple jersey #/150!!!! nice looking cards though

    Nice job on your other pick-ups!


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    the only thing that caught my eye that might be in the same range is the joe smith super swatches (big piece, right?)

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    Yeah big piece #/250.....

    I looked on ebay and there were 1 of each completed, 1 Joe smith at $2.99, and 1 Finley at $2.00

    Each with no bids lol.......

    Can you throw in a couple dirk base cards I need?


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    im more than sure i have a $1-$2 insert you need. ill check your wantlist and add it in. PM me with the deal info


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