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Thread: Need some PayPal money

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    Need some PayPal money

    Like the title says, need some PayPal money. Check my trade page and LMK the card and the offer. Also, I have these cards not listed on my site that you can offer on as well.

    2001 SP Authentic Mark Teixeira RC /1500
    2002 Donruss Elite Adam LaRoche RC /1000



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    What you looking to get for the Teixeira? I got PayPal money just waiting to get used up :D

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    Might as well drop me a price on this too if you're willing to sell :

    Prior, Mark 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection Autograph #067/150

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    Teixeira RCs on eBay are scorching, last sale of the Tex on eBay was $82 and change. Since I could use some cash, I could move it to you for $70. I could probably move the Prior for $70 as well. LMK.


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    Ah....I imagine that Prior is nice. I'd be willing to buy some of your A's/Giants Autos and possibly GU if the price is right. I'm looking to spend 30% on Autos, 20% on GU. LMK if this sounds fair. If not, LMK your sale prices. I'd be interested in these:

    Game Used
    Harden, Rich 2003 Bowman Draft Fabric of the Future Jersey Relic
    Hudson, Tim 2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club League Leaders Materials Jersey #113/175
    Hudson, Tim 2002 Donruss Best of Fan Club Master Artists Jersey #136/150
    Mulder, Mark 2003 Finest Uniform Relics
    Zito, Barry 2003 Upper Deck Game Face Gear Jersey (Away version)

    Blalock, Hank 2003 Sweet Spot Barrel Signatures #320/420 (I know, neither an Athletic nor a Giant)
    Zito, Barry 2003 SP Authentic Chirography Young Stars #052/350

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    The total BV of the GU is $63, I could move them for $15. Not quite 20%, but it's pretty close. LMK.


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    If that includes shipping, I'll take it. Send me your paypal addy.

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    Alright, paypal has been sent. Now about those autos....if you're not interested in selling at 30%, what about 1/3 BV? Or would you trade?

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    I'll pass on selling them at 1/3 BV, as far as trading goes I could use a couple of your autos, but they're probably a little out of my range (Prior Fan Club Auto, Giambi Auto/Jsy).


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