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    Arrow BGS 9 Mientkiewicz + 2 Grading Coupons

    I have Doug Mientkiewicz 99 Bowman RC BGS 9 and a coupon for 2 free Graded cards (value of $25 it says).

    Let me know if you would like these. The coupon expires at the end of June so if i dont hear anything soon i will be sending it out in a few weeks.


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    Beckett usually doesn't care if you go past the expiration date. I"ve sent cards in 2 months after the expiration date and they didn't care. And I've even talked to several people that work at Beckett and they said they'll take them up to a year late.

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    oh really - thats good to know. thanks. i still dont really think its worth it to pay that much to have someone tell you how much your cards are worth unless you get a 9 or 10. but it's free so Oh well.

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    I want the card, but not the certificate. How much do you want in trade for the card?

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    check my page.. i want the card and the coupon... also, what service iscovered??? $25 for two cards sounds like 10 day to me.. lmk...ill do $40-50 in trade possibly

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