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    lookign for a few chris brown rcs lmk what u got gu auto #d rcs refractors etc

    really want his spa rc

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    I have his SP Authentic Rookie Patch #257...Serial #657/850....3 Color Patch

    Looking for players in my sig or will sell outright.
    Thanks, John

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    cant afford to buy i have the following the might interest you

    simms topps d and p refractor gold bv 50
    mcgahee topps d and p collegiate cuts jersey bv 30
    david carr leaf certifed /800 jersey rc bv 40


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    I got his skybox rookie #/99 LMK how much trade i can get out of it since its not priced. I have seen them go for 25ish online


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    I have a few Chris Browns...LMK if you are interested...

    UD Patch Collection Rookie Inovation patch #140 bv$8

    +Rookie and Stars+
    -Freshman Orientation:
    Chris Brown (navy) SN#102/600 #FO-13 $8

    -Jersey Rookie Card:
    Chris Brown (teal) / Musa Smith (purple) SN#292/400 #287 $10

    +Regular UD+
    -Rookie Futures:
    Chris Brown (Blue) #RF-CB $12


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    proph im thinking prolly 40-45ish

    nick i have a portis finite jersey bv 15
    and a 96elway skybox premium close up insert bv 20

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    I have a 03 Pristine C. Brown uncirr. encased RC #ed 107/499.

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