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Thread: NBA Draft

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    NBA Draft

    Hey does anyone know if Kirk Penny has entered the draft this year? Thanks

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    well, this site is predicting that

    57. *Chicago Kirk Penny 6-6 218 SG Wisconsin Sr.

    Chicago will draft him #57 overall.

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    Thanks. Hopefully he will get some cards put out. Hopefully....

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    hopa...why the particular interest in this player?

    Did you attend school with him? Does he have some type of talent that scouts are over-looking.

    Remember, Kobe was picked #13 in 1st round.

    If GMs knew know then what they know now, he'd have been picked #1 overall

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    Mainly because he's a kiwi, and the only other kiwi in the NBA is Sean Marks you will probably will be playing in Europe next year. Also he's quite a talented player.

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