Hi guys, Ill start with the set. I havnt kept up with baseball cards in 9 or 10 years. I'm 24 now. But here is what I have.

1991- Upper Deck- Final Edition Set (Collector's Choice) 1991 All-Stars, 100 card set that includes late season traded players and called up rookies. Minor League Diamond Skills player cards. An assortmant of team holograms. Still in wrapper, never opened.

Individual Cards

1990- Emmitt Smith Rookie Hi-Pro Gold-covered Rookie Card- Mint Condition Card#34

1990- Emmitt Smith Rookie Pro-Set Card#685- Perfect Condition

1985- Kirby Puckett Topps Card#536- Mint Condition

2- 1986- Jerry Rice Topps Rookie Card #161- Both Near Mint Condition

1994- Carlos Delgado Upper Deck "Star Rookies" Card#8- Mint Condition

1987- Mark McGwire Rookie Donruss Card#46-Mint Condition

1987- Barry Bonds Rookie Donruss Card#361- Mint Condition

2- 1994- Manny Ramirez Upper Deck "Star Rookies" Card#23- Mint Condition

1987- Mark McGwire Topps Rookie Card#366- Mint Condition

1987- Mark McGwire Fleer Update Card#U-76 - Mint Condition

1987- Will Clark Donruss Card#66- Mint Condition

1985- Tony Gwynn Card #660- Mint Condition

1985- Joe Carter Card#694- Mint Condition

1990- Nolan Ryan Leaf "No Hit King" Card#265- Near Mint Condition

1978- Earl Cambell "Record Breaker" Card#331- Near Mint Condition

1992- Jeff Bagwell "Rookie Sensations"
Card#4 of 20- Mint Condition

1992- Ivan Rodriguez "Rookie Sensations" Card#12 of 20- Mint Condition

Tons more Manny Rookies- Pinnacle,Donruss,Tops,Fleer

Javy Lopez 93' Bowman Rookie

John Smoltz Rookies- Fleer,Donruss,Topps

Shaq Rookies- Topps, and others

Sheffield Rookies- All kinds

Chipper Rookies

Mussina Rookies

Tom Glavine Rookies- Donruss, Fleer

All kinds of Basketball cards from 1991-95

All baseball stars from 89-94 or so

Email me at Fourlanp@Bellsouth.net

I dont even know what some of these cards are worth anymore.