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Thread: Looking for Goalie items

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    Post Looking for Goalie items

    Another spawn member looking for another place to trade.
    I am new here and I am looking for goalie items:
    UD mini masks
    UD busts
    Forever collectible Bobbles

    Stanley cup items 1983 to 2002
    Team pics
    goalie pics

    I have SP's to trade and will consider buying
    lots of NHL
    Some MLB and
    a few NBA

    This is my 1st post so I will list my email address here
    And thanks for the look

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Welcome to the Site! Hope you find anything your looking for , Good luck and good trading!,JEFF

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    I have an old pair of goalie pads that I'm lookin to get rid of. I'm not famous or anything...but they're "game used"! :D

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    lol..i love craigs card's idea...u want some of my game used ice hockey pads or my game used street hockey goalie

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    Thanks craig but I am looking for items to fill out my Mcfarlane collection.I only collect goalies and
    I was hoping that guys here would have some masks and bobbles that came out of their boxes.
    i quit collecting cards in 1991,so I am way behind the times.

    And to the great one 55
    Right team
    great player 55
    Wrong #'s
    39 vc 44
    I am not a big lover of GU cards yet.
    I am just starting to collect again

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    I have a Johan Hedberg Bobble that was only given away at local Kings resteraunts, I cant remeber how many were made.

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    Thanks Ville
    Looking for Stanley cup winning Goalies
    OR Goalies that have a Mcfarlane the most..
    1983 Oilers to present

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    Welcome to the forum 39vc44! :D

    Thanks for coming in.


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    Hey Ken. Welcome to the forum. It's WookieNuts from I don't have any goalie items except cards, i just wanted to say hi.

    Hidden Content | NFL HOF Player RC Collection: 190/258 (73.64%)
    Hidden Content | Hidden Content
    Always looking for vintage stars/semistars/rookies in all sports.

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    Hey Ken,

    i have a couple autographed cloutier pinnacle rookies i got autographed at a canucks practice...
    i also have a couple of cardboard stand ups featuring goalies: roy brodeur, etc.

    i also have some mini masks that mcdonalds was giving out a few years back: i have kirk mclean-vancouver, patrick roy-colorado, mike richter-rangers...lmk what u need

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