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Thread: GU/GU/AUTO/RC Lot $7!

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    GU/GU/AUTO/RC Lot $7!

    Here ya go, first one gets it..

    next couple posts will have the other 3

    2002 SPx Supreme Signautes Quincy Morgan Auto
    2002 Fleer AuthenTIX Ripped Donovan McNabb Jsy (Green)
    2001 Fleer Premium Suiting Up Todd Pinkston Jsy (White)
    2003 Bowman Chrome Onterrio Smith RC

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    jeez i would but i just spent the rest of my money away on playmaker sorry man

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    ok sold.... Rock u got AIM if not PM me...I got those two freddie mitchells u wanted still...maybe we can make another deal and add those to it?

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    Hey man, my SN is same on AIM as here, but yeah about the Mitchell's, I'm only really interested in the Then and Now w/ UCLA jersey !! that sounds so awesome!!.. so yeah I'd be interested in somehow working that in there..

    Lemme know, thanks

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    sorry he took it.... but I should be putting up another one shortly

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