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Thread: Chris Chambers Autos

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    Chris Chambers Autos

    i need all of his rc autos cmon people im desperate im trying to get all 31 of his rc autos... i need help ebay cant supply them all... lmk and thanx again

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    no promises but i just thought of this. If you need the bowmans best auto I would trade it for the musa smith IF the guy that collects ravens needs him. Sadly I wont be able to talk to him till saturday night unless i get lucky and see him at college


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    hmm might of been a kyle boller.. I forget.. all that i know is that it was a finest auto #/999 of a raven player


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    ahh suggs sorry. Either way I will leave a message asap if he wants the card or not.


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    not for a chambers auto sry marino is far better anythin else u like... prophet will u sell

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    I have a '01 UD Ovation Rookie Auto of Chambers #'d 107/250 that is graded a BGS 9.5, which is the only one that is graded a perfect 9.5, thus, it's a 1/1. I'm only going to offer it for either Marino autos or cash. LMK if you're interested in it or can afford it.


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