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    McGahee Leaf Limited GOLD Auto #/10

    I just won this card on eBay tonight. It wasnt cheap, but its limited to only 10. With packs going for $50 each, its well worth it to me. I have the regular already. Only problem is that they are redemptions and I could end up getting screwed. I am looking for the Bronze Spotlight #/25---Silver #/15 and the Platinum #/1.

    Let me know if anyone sees any for sale in their travels.

    Thanks, John

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    wow that would be a great collection of mcgahee. i'll let you know if i see either of those. by the way i liked this card from your site Carson Palmer/Byron Leftwich Leaf Rookies & Stars dual jersey #281 Serial #358/400

    lmk if you would like to trade it for anything on my site and good luck finding the other cards!

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    Thanks Hot Sauce. By the way, where did you get that nice 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Michael Vick Jsy 24/50!!
    I do like your McGahee R&S Auto #/50. Let me know if we can work something out or if you want to sell it.
    Thanks, John

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    i got the vick jsy from vick2price for a william green auto. for now, i would like to keep the mcgahee, but i would trade the vick.

    i also like this card. Chris Simms Leaf Limited "PHENOM" Auto #137 Serial #62/150

    lmk if we can work something out for the vick, thanks

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    Hot Sauce,
    I think the Vick was mine at one time. I think I traded it for a Green/Foster auto.
    The Simms is not for trade or sale unless someone makes me an offer I cant refuse. He is the other Rookie I am collecting from 03 crop. The last guy is Bollinger.
    Thanks, John

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