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Thread: No more Samples in Beckett

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    No more Samples in Beckett

    Thats what the newly released Beckett baseball says, it says Dunruss/Playoff decided to discontinue the Sample line.

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    Yeah I was pretty mad as well. I just started my subscription with Beckett and the first magazine I got says that they aren't giving out the samples anymore.
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    That isn't too bad. I like it for the letters, stories, and the best pulls they have. This won't ruin the magazine

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    I was waiting until they started up with the samples again, and then I was going to subscribe to Beckett. Oh well, I'll save the $$ and pick one up every few months instead.

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    This in no way takes away from the magazine, it was just kind of like a bonus. I have subscriptions to 3 sports and I wouldnt miss an issue!

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    I think if they are going to do away with the samples, then the price of the magazine should be lowered

    after all, if they added more sample cards, then they'd increase the price of the magazines, right?

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    Beckett didnt have anything to do with the production of samples, they just obliged Dunruss by inserting them into mags. The price was $4.99 before samples, why would it go down?

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