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Thread: 3 Prior Autos FT/FS

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    3 Prior Autos FT/FS

    After my lastest acquisition of a 03 Topps Prior Auto, these three have become expendable:

    02 Topps 206 ($100)
    03 UD Sweet Spot ($150)
    02 Donruss Fan Club/175 ($200*) [Incoming]

    The Fan Club has no BV, and I'm looking for $200 in trade on it. The Best of Fan Club Prior AU is numbered to 425 and books $100, so I think $200 is reasonable. In trade, I'd like Autos of Pujols, Bonds, Ripken, Arod, and RC Autos of Mark Teixiera. If you don't have any of these, but think you have something I might like - feel free to leave a site/tradelist/etc. Who knows? I might find something I like.

    Please don't offer GU or CC for these. Unless the GU is 1/1, then we can talk.

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    lmk what you need for any of them, just lookin to get a Prior Auto


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    boneyard - I can use the Pujols.

    Iggy - Also can use your Pujols Auto...when it comes in. Cash wouldn't hurt either.

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