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Thread: Rare Santana Moss Rookies

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    Rare Santana Moss Rookies

    I am looking for rare, low #ed Santana Moss rookie cards. I would be willing to pay twice the high book value for a 2001 Leaf Mirror Gold #ed/25. Does anyone have any Rare Moss cards?

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    Hi and welcome to our club

    please remember to post all buy/sell/trade in the TRADING FORUM

    there's bound to be someone who has this card

    moving the thread over to there

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    I have a 01 Fleer Tradition Glossy Game Used Jersey RC

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    I'm mainly looking for Moss: Leaf Mirror Gold #ed/25, Fleer Authority Auto #ed/25, Impressions Shadow #ed/25, and Titanium #ed/75..........Check out my webpage for my Rare Moss, Hobson, Jordan collection.

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    ICED CARDS has a moss mirror gold but i dont kno if its for trade, but it wont hurt to pm him and ask tho.

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