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Thread: WTTF: Chip Ambres

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    WTTF: Chip Ambres

    I am looking for ALL cards of Florida Marlins prospect Chip Ambres. PLMK what you have.


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    I have three cards of ambres:

    2001 Bowman
    2003 Topps Total Silver
    2003 Topps Total

    what do you have for trade...

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    I have at least 5 ambres bowman chrome rcs. make a offer. thanks

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    2000 Bowman Chip Ambres Blue Auto

    thats my only one, but its a nice one..

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    DMILES-I am interested, check my site...

    CRAZYLOX-I'll IM ya tomorrow.

    mrnelly-That auto books for10 bucks...I am extremely interested in it. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK.


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    What are you interested in? PLMK.


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    no way....these are all commons worth no more than a dollar or so total.


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