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Thread: 5 graded cards lot.....Look

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    5 graded cards lot.....Look

    will sell for will sell for 35.00


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    well I paid twenty for the Vick and Beckett. I would need somemore thanks for the offer...


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    No offense man, but you got taken.

    I know you're getting out of collecting but never bother wasting your money on BCCG cards. They grade pretty much everything a 10. They go by mint or better which to them can be as worse as 60-40 centering.

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    thats fine....I liked the cards and wanted to get something on them.. Good to know though....

    thanks Clay
    I don't have to sell now. My wife has made a compromise with me...

    I will take twenty paypal....

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    I will take 20-25 for this lot now...I will be at work all day. Will check tonight or in the morning....

    Paypal or money order....Pay pal preferred.....

    thanks Clay

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