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Thread: I NEED BOSH!!!!!

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    Talking I NEED BOSH!!!!!

    OK i really want bosh, im more interested in GU and auto, but i also want base cards of him, please LMK wat u got, also i will buy and trade, check my site for all my GU and Auto, but if you want base rookie i have many of those so tell me who u want ill tell u wat i got

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    i will sell them to you. i will sell for $4-$6. i have his:

    fleer tradition
    two fleer tradition trio rookies

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    I have a 03/04 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Materials RC Jersey #170/500 and a 03/04 Hoops Hot Prospects Hot Tandems w/Chris Kaman DUAL RC Jersey #017/100

    Ill check your site later, but lmk if your interested,

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    paul yeaaa ncie check my site if u wanna trade i got pics and i got listing of all my GU and auto also wats the BV on both of those im really interested

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